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About Us

Stainless Steel Balls is one such industrial product which indirectly supports several industries by being used in ball bearings. Being an eminent part of the industry that provides a wide range of stainless steel balls, we at Sahil Enterprises have been efficiently working hard. By working as a manufacturer and wholesaler, we have been delivering the best quality of items required by the industries. The product range which we have been offering to the customers includes Bearing Balls, High Carbon Steel Round Balls, Grinding Media Steel Balls, Stainless Steel Bearing Balls, Black and White Carbon Steel Balls, Round Chrome Steel Balls, etc. Each item served by us is trusted for its fine quality attributes. For maintaining such attributes, we have always facilitated ourselves with all necessary infrastructural, human and other resources. Through the help of such resources, we have been consistently having a qualitative production, customer growth rate, financial strength, etc. from the beginning.

Why Choosing Us ?

Each item served by us is trusted for its fine quality attributes.

Our Journey So Far

Serving since 2011, we have been through an exciting journey of growth & success, learning & experiences as well as adaptation & improvisation.

Our Goals

In the era in which, a large number of companies are being introduced every day, the competition has attained new heights.

Quality Policy

To maintain the quality of our production as per industrial standards, we have adapted suitable quality policies.
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